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Anti-Aging Cosmeceutical Skin Care

Founder and Science Director
“I believe in esthetic medicine as a science-driven trend in this ever growing industry. I also believe that the optimum implementation of science, nature and biotechnology brings the competitive price of my products without compromising the quality. What stands out for my brand is the efficacy, unmistakable quality and competitive prices. In times when budgets are strained, multifunctional products are the winner (one product have several skin health benefits). I’ve made a firm commitment to innovation working with other academics in the field of biotechnology to optimize skin health and longevity with material science.”
– Tanya Gospodinova, Founder and Science Director

A Perfect Marriage Of Science And Nature For Healthy Skin

Are you looking for a treatment tailored to your unique skin life, a true skin care Laboratory treatment that goes well beyond basic cosmetics? Do you want to experience an effective body care with the certitude of getting results? Do you want to be listened to and, of course, get results? Then our advanced aesthetic center, Bio-Tec USA Research, Technology & Beauty® in Washington, D.C. is for you.
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Just steps away from Georgetown hospital in the beautiful and quiet Palisade neighborhood, we provide quality care in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Our up-to-date treatments for total skin rejuvenation often amaze people. Mini-cures enable you to discover the efficacy of our fresh products and very quickly enjoy the first results. 

Our beauty therapist will then offer you a more in-depth biorevitalization skin management just for you, which will enable you to obtain even greater results. This treatment method satisfies a great number of customers who have become even more demanding. We know people buy results and strive to give them something they do not expect. Best value for Caviar & Truffle facial, affordable skin care, facials, chemical peels, excellent results, fillers, mesotherapy, total bio-revitalization face & body, deep pore cleansing facials, wedding make up, body slimming. This is available for residents in Maryland, DC, Virginia and all visitors of our state capital.

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