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Best Caviar&Truffle facial,Maryland,DC,Virginia

Best Caviar&Truffle facial,Maryland,DC,Virginia

Bio-Tec USA Research, Technology & Beauty®, serving the greater Washington, D.C. area, strives to achieve an alliance of beauty and biodiversity in search for excellence. We provide tailored pampering and clinically validated services "just for you" with added benefits of simple and effective original skin care products to achieve best possible results.

Caviar and Truffle Facial

We call it the ultimate spa experience, the gourmet approach to the fountain of youth, the confluence of naturals and cosmeceuticals in search for healthy revitalized skin. Pearls of caviar, truffle, grape seed and hazelnut peptides as active naturals, retinol and modulators from science are used in this facial to fight internal and external causes of skin dehydration and aging. Acting in synergy with the natural epidermal rhythms, this rich, luxurious facial restores vitality and splendor to the skin. 
Time: 90 minutes Cost: $375.00
Image of Facial 1 caviar
What the experts say: “The pearl technology preserves all nutrients of the caviar and truffle, the smart combination of vitamins and modulators plus Tanya’s signature lymphatic massage, makes this facial SIMPLY DEVINE.”

24 Carat Gold Facial

This ultra luxe beauty treatment gives you an instant youthful glow. Highly concentrated colloidal gold serum followed by 24-carat gold face mask is applied with LED (light emitting diode) to activate skin cell regeneration. Described as a fitness boot camp for your face, this facial modality improves skin elasticity, skin clarity and luminosity. 
Time: 90 minutes Cost: $400.00
What the experts say: “Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! It is not necessary do in search for skin rejuvenation but it does give you an instant glow, the wow effect.”

Spring Facial

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Caught in the crossfire between winter and spring, your facial skin may be having a meltdown. I have noticed that most “skin drama” comes with shifts in the climate since the skin is a sensory organ and the nerve endings of the epidermis respond almost immediately to different environmental changes. To keep the barrier function of the epidermis healthy, we must take an action because only a healthy skin can attract water, keep the moisture and lipids intact, and shield the skin from environmental assaults. The protocol consists of gentle exfoliation, deep-pore cleansing, and Tanya’s lymphatic massage to facilitate absorption of super antioxidant serums and initiate bio-electric signals, including neuronal messaging to encourage heal -and- repair processes at the cellular level. This skin-boosting process finishes with the application of oxygen (Cytochrome C) infused mask. With this facial, we offer a must-have facial kit with high value. 

Time: 90 minutes Cost: $250.00


What the experts say: “The skin looks fresh, smooth and radiant plus this facial comes with bonus of four products, used in the treatment, for home care at 30% discount.”

Post-Summer Bio-Performance Skin Revival Facial  New update protocol

This facial is designed to reduce recent sun damage and minor wrinkles. It is now known that free radicals are responsible for altering the genetic material of the cells. This process originate all kinds of sunspots, broken capillaries that later may cause skin cancer. To prevent this from happening, our facial is necessary do on your fall calendar. Design with unique peeling solution (OSMOTIC PEEL SP, deep- pore cleansing and application of our potent antioxidant serum with vitamins, thistle and honey milk applied with LED and new micronized infused resveratrol mask. This is one of our authentic and indigenous beauty treatments. The result is brighter, radiant and rejuvenated skin.
Time: 90 Minutes Cost: $295.00

What the experts say: “After the facial, my skin was two shades brighter, wrinkles smoother and even my facial muscles toned. It does deliver the benefits described.”

Clinical Facial

The Holy Grail of our facials, the clinical face treatment is considered a corrective procedure and not designed for pampering. We do not pamper you with a facial massage in order to keep cost down and allow us time to perform sterile extraction (deep pore cleansing). The main purpose of the procedure is to improve your skin complexion. 

The clinical facial usually consists of facial cleansing with a product for your specific skin type, GLOW 24 Enzyme mask with rice powder enriched with Arctic berries (sea buckthorn and cloudberry) to resurface the skin, minimize pores and even skin tone or acid peel depends on your skin sensitivity in order to dislodge junk from pores and soften skin for painless removal of the comedones and milia. After extraction, we wash the face with pure rose water (Bulgarian Rose Damascena) and apply an anti-inflammatory calming mask to hydrate and balance the skin. You may find the cleansing, steaming and mask phases very relaxing and may even doze off. 

Time: 60 minutes Cost: $160.00


This is about an hourlong facial with a collagen-boosting oxygen infusion and
our new Pro-10X Bee Venom Instant Glow mask. Finish with make up application for a natural, dewy look. Finally, a creative eyebrow expert is on-hand to give you perfect lustrous brows. 
Cost $95.00

What the experts say: “It was fabulous and the makeup application amazing!”

New! Plant To Skin Facial

A targeted method to hydrate and protect the skin with the recently developed
molecular technology using nutrient-rich sea kelp, coupled with carefully crafted rose hip, grape vine stem cells, extract from common balm, lemon balm, omega 6, 3 ceramides, white birch, nettle, peppermint and horse-tail with added raw probiotics result in a powerful, stable molecule which instantly penetrate the skin and fuel energy. This process fosters epidermal cell breathing, a biological process known as cell oxygenation, essential for healthy skin. These powerful skin life serums necessitate only gentle lymphatic massage. 
Time: 90 minutes Cost: $345.00

What the experts say: “These are powerful medicinal plant extracts produced by delicate fermentation and when delivered in a special carrier they really improve skin quality."

Bio-Performance 76® Lift Facial

This facial is a trademark of Bio-Tec USA Research, Technology & Beauty®, featuring a novel time release complex containing functional peptides, proteins, hyaluronique acid, modulators and retinol in a patent delivery system to reverse the signs of aging. This aesthetic treatment corrects and prevents sun damage by improving skin quality and tone.
Time: 60 minutes Cost: $200.00

What the experts say: “Best facial. These powerful synthetic molecules produced by a very sophisticated biothechnoly work miracles on my skin.” Tanya G.

Back Facial

In this protocol, we use active naturals with therapeutic effect such as honey-ginger- dandelion thermal (mud) pack. Then deep-pore cleansing and removal of blackheads plus 20 minutes kinesiology back massage to improve microcirculation, lower back pain and neck stiffness. 

Time: 75 minutes Cost: $195.00

What the experts say: “It does improve back skin complexion and manage total physical stress, especially combined with reflexology/ foot massage.”

Equilibrium Massage

Relax with Tanya’s full-body-scalp Equilibrium Massage, which combines elements from lymphatic drainage, body reflexology and Yumeiho (the original Dr. Masayuki Saionji method). 
Time: 75 minutes Cost: $145.00

Lymphatic Massage

This gentle massage method address the lymphatic system to improve healthy lymph flow, reduce venues and lymph stagnation, puffiness, inflammation and water retention pockets in the body.
Time: 60 minutes Cost: $130.00

Chemical Peels - Microdermabrasion-Micro Needling

Skin rejuvenation is a multi-faceted process addressing pigmentation, vascular problems and collagen stimulation as a critical part of skin repair. Collagen stimulation and remodeling has as a goal the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. We usually combine different modalities to obtain optimum result and patient satisfaction. Chemical peels, MESOLIFT and injectable implants (fillers) are our preferred method of facial rejuvenation. Whether the peel is lunchtime or major, a proper application is imperative, without any possible side effects.

Osmotic Peel SP

Osmotic Peel SP is a safe superficial peel, which can be given alone or as a part of other clinical treatments. We recommend every two weeks in the absence of skin irritation in PRP.

Time: 30 minutes Cost: $150.00

TCA Peel

TCA in concentrations higher than 15% and Weekend Peel are medium peels. Whether the peel is lunchtime or major, a proper application is imperative to avoid possible side effects. By consultation only.


No other lymphatic drainage machine can deliver better results than Perfecta Total Body. This unique and patent Sea Wave System consists of three pieces that universally cover the arms, abdomen and legs. Sea Wave technology features overlapping segments which are sequentially inflated before the previous one has totally deflated. This enables a selective and progressive application of pressure without interruptions. The device has many medical and cosmetic applications.

  • Jet-Leg Circulation Improvement
  • Prophylaxes of Post Surgical Deep Venous Thrombosis
  • Reduction of Area Venous Pressure

  • Reduction of Lymphatic And Venous Edema
  • Reduction of Transcapillary Filtration

Cost: $95.00 per 60-minute session


Bella combines two technologies, infrared and muscle electro stimulation with microprocessors. This combination shapes the body, improves muscle tone in treated areas and also reduces localized fat on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It also helps in reduction of all types of cellulite (compact, water retention and soft cellulite). Numerous therapists dealing with this condition do not understand that the problem is the muscle not the fat deposit. Bella is the best machine for muscle electro-stimulation and fat reduction.

Time: 50 minutes Cost: $100.00

We also offer highly specialized treatments such as micro needling for face and body or collagen induction therapy CIT, biorevitalization with vitamins and placenta, fillers, tread lift, chemical peels, sono-light, (microdermabrasion with LED). For more information please contact us and we will send you a complete protocol.