Triple Combination Therapy

One pimple can give you a bad day.Triple combination therapy is the most cost effective treatment for acne.It is composed of in office chemical peel, the use of retinol/ Vitamin A and SPF. My Osmotic peel SP is alcohol free, made for comfort and efficacy. In severe acne vulgaris (cystic acne) one time medium depth peel is the only cost effective solution. My retinol capsules are made in microfilm technology to assist in epidermal penetration for optimum efficacy and stability. The home care is very simple. Wash your face with triple mouse seaweed soap with probiotic powder from Bulgarian yogurt for antibacterial effect, use retinol capsules before bedtime, heal- and- repair mud mask twice a week and SPF during the day. Triple therapy leads to a faster response and limit the potential for adverse effects.