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Natural and Anti Aging Beauty Products for Facials. We offer cost effective Chemical Peels for treatment of acne, sun damage, wrinkles.


Shakespeare wrote four centuries ago "Youth is nimble, Age is lame." There are numerous modalities to improve aging skin. 

Skin rejuvenation is a multi-faceted process addressing pigmentation, vascular problems and collagen stimulation as a critical part of skin repair. Collagen stimulation and remodeling results in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. We usually combine different modalities to obtain optimum results and patient satisfaction. Chemical peels, Meso-lift, thread lift, implants (fillers) are our preferred method of facial rejuvenation. Whether the procedure is lunchtime or major, a proper application is imperative, without any possible side effects.
 Home compliance is simple but effective. I recommend my gentle micellar foaming cleanser, DMAE 20% serum before bed time and Vitamin C/Ca LPCA in the morning with my ultra nourishing caviar and truffle bio-cell cream for rapid and enduring results. As a special care I suggest Eyeless contour twice per day.

Biotec usa skin care offers natural and anti aging beauty products for facials. Chemical Peels, Skin Care, Washington Dc