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New Bio-Technologies and innovative applications in Skin Care

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What's New in 2018 PC skin care products

Posted on March 7, 2018 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (8)

This is the usual time when licensed professionals asked me about new trends, what should they look out for and what are set to be hot topics in the industry?

It used to be location, location and location. Today is the technology that makes your practice easy and puts you upfront the competition. Learn new methodologies and techniques, stay relevant and invest in yourself. If you do not evolve with the current trends and times at some point you’ll be out of the loop. Make sure you deliver an exceptional experience not just a service with a price tag. Here is a brief summary of what will not only be hot property in the skin care marketplace for 2018, but what to look out for at some workshops this coming year.

Trend 1: What is good for my stomach is good for my skin. Non- modified caviar and truffle pearls, hazel nut peptides and grape seeds, plenty of nutrients.

Trend 2: Seeing is believing. Consumer demand for instant gratification and rapid effects in personal care products with long-lasting health benefits.

Trend 3: It’s all about me. Customization was a big trend of 2017 and it’s going to get even bigger in 2018. Customization can be incorporated into new products easily in one or more ways. Innovative formulations and functional materials that provide robust solutions for various skin conditions will accommodate the most demanding customer with fantastic results.

Trend 4: I care about the environment too. Natural and sustainable ingredients are ongoing consumer favorites in the environmentally-focused global beauty trend. Demand for these types of materials continues to grow at a steady rate plus watch for new marine actives – ‘blue’ is the new ‘green’, probiotics versus prebiotics. My research on skin care products containing Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles will be published soon.

Trend 5: Feel good and look better. Products should feel great on application, giving the consumer instant sensory gratification. Also incorporating epigenetic or neuro-cosmetic actives, for a ‘holistic’ approach to their skincare, helps reinforce consumers’ growing need to feel like they’re taking control for one aspect of their life and wellbeing. There are also increasing numbers of functional and active materials that help provide protection not just from UV but also pollution, blue light, allergies and other sensitivities – it all adds that ‘wellbeing’ approach.

Looking forward to hear from you. Best wishes for a successful business.

I shall continue my two distinct hands-on educational courses in 2018. The Basic/Next Gen Track for young professionals and those looking for introductory-level information about the cosmetic industry, and the Advanced Track for those interested in learning about cutting edge science, technologies and product innovations.

Should quality synthetic ingredients matter more than natural ingredients?

Posted on March 7, 2018 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Just because a skin care product is advertised with beautiful plant or garden as a back fond does not mean that a moisturizer or a facial serum is free of toxic material. In fact, natural ingredients can generate unexpected toxicity despite of the good intention of the producer. In many cases the whole plant extract may be anti-inflammatory but some of its components when isolated can cause allergic reaction. Many of the plant derived component, when removed from their natural environment lose their stability rapidly. Pesticides, heavy metals, microbial burden, residual solvents, isolation (extraction methods), purification and many other factors can affect the quality of the plant extract. Stability and efficacy are the biggest challenges faced by the producer with natural skin care products. For instance, the finished product can be rich or poor in phytochemicals/ antioxidants and the photochemistry breakdown composition plus storage, delivery to the lab and final preservation can vary greatly. For example, you believe that the oolong tea is very rich in antioxidants but pouring hot water accelerate oxidation of phytochemicals and solidified actives that can contribute to loss of efficacy. I understand that well-being is the increasing convergence of beauty and skin health and especially Instagram, a social media platform champions the natural and organic idea of wellness. Attractive and aspirational pictures of Millennials are posted adopting the natural beauty trend. Health and well-being has transformed consumer life style and habits. It’s no longer about being skinny, it’s about being fit. Anti-aging is a passé.

So to answer your question skin care products made with quality bio-engineered ingredients or combined with natural ingredients are more effective and safe with better performance than just natural products.

Most of my new customers want help on cutting the clutter and choosing the right product for them. Customization or a beauty by prescription from a trusted provider is a growing consumer demand for personalized skin care compliance. My advice is to get your products from a licensed professional.


Posted on May 29, 2016 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (4)

Usually at this time of the year the topic for cellulite become more actual.


While normal fat can be reduced through exercise and diet, cellulite cannot. I have combined 35 plus years’ expertise with the latest technology to reduce cellulite for hundreds of women. Why my Body Rehab program works?

Many factors contribute to the formation of cellulite and as a result we can identify different types of cellulite with specific physiology and appearance. Body Rehab is a 4-week intensive treatment program utilizing the latest technological advances, a combo of a) variable electrical current (a very sophisticated patent microprocessor breaks down the calcified fatty deposits, stimulates the lymph system, and assists in ejecting mobilized fats, increases the muscular metabolism, which reaffirms and tones the muscles) and b) pneumatic lymphatic massage which squeezes the liquefied fat and fluids in one direction towards the kidneys, and helps the body to eliminate fat deposits. This patented device does the lymphatic drainage for the whole body in 40 minutes compared to three hours when performed manually). I’ve recorded best results for women with 15 lbs. above their healthy weight and mostly flabbiness aka water retention. For thick cellulite a third procedure mesotherapy is added (the administration of minimum doses of medicine by means of intradermic punctures in the area underlying the pathological focal point to be treated).

What you can expect after just one treatment? - smoother and tighten skin surface. Most cool or hot laser treatments for cellulite just shrink fat cells but do not direct them to the lymph and kidneys to eject. This is why such treatments give partial and short term results.

Keep in mind that cellulite is a tri-factor of water retention, mobilized fat deposits and muscle weakness. My body rehab program address all of them plus the accelerating effect of topically applied natural serums in proprietary carriers with manual lymphatic massage. Average results obtained during the program are a loss of eight to twelve pounds depending on age, lifestyle, activity and genetic history. The results are obtained with an ultrasonic device rather than photography of before and after which have no scientific values. This program is not designed to treat medical conditions such as obesity.


Micellar Cleansers-are they better than my regular face wash?

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (5)




Recently I’m getting more emails and calls about the “new micellar” cleanser. My customers are using BIO-TEC USA micellar cleanser since April 2009 so the micellar water facial cleansers are not new in the market. The brief description on my ecommerce page explain the difference in the physical use of my micellar cleanser versus other similar products.

Any cosmetic product in the market is more than just an ingredient buzz. The core benefits - why are you buying the product and the functionality among many other features are important. For instance, I’m using an antibacterial foam dispenser to prevent from bacteria contamination and to extend the shelf life and use of the cleanser. If you pour your micellar water cleanser over a cotton pad you probably will finish it in a month plus cotton pads do not cleanse the skin, they only remove makeup. Massaging the gentle micellar foam into the skin leaves the skin fresh, soft and perfectly clean and a 5oz. bottle will last you 4 months so use cotton pads only for eye makeup removing. Of course they are better than your high alkaline soap base cleanser. Someone asked me which serum or cream from my ecommerce page will quickly fix her wrinkles. With current advances in scientific research, we now know that wrinkles have two major causes; a mechanical” cause due to unceasing contractions of the facial muscles and the “biological” cause altering the vital functions of the skin.

Few anti-aging cosmeceuticals have been developed combining both effects countering the formation of mechanical wrinkles and the formation of biological wrinkles. Some products target the gene expression others contain regenerative protein to strengthen the dermal tissue and needless to mention the hype about plant stem cells creams with very mediocre effectiveness, organic facial creams with non-negligible toxicity and the list goes on. My advice is simple, if you want to avoid botulin or hyaluronic acid injections, medium to deep dermal chemical peels or laser resurfacing to tighten skin or thread lifts for a quick fix, it’s worth to try my EWR serum and cream facial kit. I guarantee good results and exceptional value.

Skin Rejuvenation with Probiotics

Posted on March 23, 2016 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Each time I launch a new product I’m overwhelmed with questions such as: “Should I change my current serum and cream?” “What will this new facial do to my skin?” “Is the 24-hour rejuvenator better than the caviar and truffle cream?”, and so on…

The answer to the first question is NO. If your skin is happy with the products in your daily regiment you do not have to make a change, however if you have used the same serum and moisturizer for let’s say, 2 years, the answer is YES. Most of you know that I suggest changing your facial products twice a year, except the cleanser. To answer the second question about my new Spring facial with probiotics I’ll give you a brief recap of the story behind the idea.

We all know the benefits of original not modified milk products. For instance, drinking goat milk directly without heating can kill many cancer cells, and of course we’ve heard bathing in raw milk is good for the skin. The main question remains how cosmetics with probiotics can penetrate the skin. Most of the skin care products with milk substances oxidized, change color and have unpleasant smell. The only way to produce original cosmetics with the benefits of LACTOBACILLUS BULGARICUS and STREPTOCCOCUS TERMOPHILLUS is to use two biological processes converting the Bulgarian yoghurt into powder through lyophylisation. The powder is very stable at least for 5 years and contains more than 100 million live cells plus vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. In my facial I activate the fermented powder with rose oil and pure distilled rose water. This is what I call original skin care products for TOTAL SKIN REJUVINATION back up by science.

SIGN UP for the current promotion and feel the difference!

Now, here is the answer to your 3rd question. Both skin care products are not competing, they are just very different. Think of your skin as a beautiful plant for instance. If you want to stay beautiful you must take care of the soil, add nutrients, oligo elements and water it. Even with my multifunctional production approach it’s simply not doable to put all the good stuff in one jar so the 24-hour Rejuvenator will water/ hydrate your skin and the caviar and truffle/bio cell cream will feed/ nourish your skin. I call it the gourmet approach to the fountain of Beauty.