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Why EWR no-needle facial kit? serum 30 ml & cream 50 ml


It is an instant lift solution formulated to smooth, strengthen, tighten, plump, rejuvenate, and hydrate the facial skin, neckline and décolletage. EWR is a vegetable protein bio sensorial cosmetic that can be used as a single face treatment  or between fillers and Botox. The efficacy of the product is immediately assessed in 4 to 5 minutes with pleasant cooling sensation due to optimum concentration of actives for skin augmentation. Functional peptides (a sap from lime wood bark in DESP proprietary skin penetration carrier) and proteins reduce the muscular contractions that cause expression wrinkles. In a few days you can see significant decrease in wrinkle intensity. This amazing product is extremely effective for reduction of frown lines & wrinkles. It is non-irritating, exhibit an excellent bio-affinity with skin and has rapid and sustained effect. All NATURAL.

How to use the product? Apply the serum first, then the cream twice per day for the first 15 days. After this period use once daily, preferably before bedtime, to maintain results. The application can be tailored to skin type and sensitivity levels.


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