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Osmotic Patch Gel Mask 15 ml in airless sachets


Concept: prestige, multifunctional dermocosmetics

The Osmotic patch mask is produced in two formulations. It’s made with perfectly biodegradable and biocompatible polysaccharides obtained by bacterial fermentation from vegetal sorbitol and autolytic yeast extract. Combined with bio- saccharides they can form highly organized matrix network. This process results in formation of unique clear and elastic structured gel- patch with long-lasting skin benefits. The Ultra nourishing formula is made with hydrolyzed hazelnut protein, caviar and truffle (Tuber aestivum) extracts with tensor, nourishing and moisture-balancing effect due to osmotic capacity. The High performance 76 Osmotic Patch mask is made with 3 polysaccharides, fragmented hyaluronic acid and micronized minerals to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with visible, prolong skin health benefits. Both masks are made in 15 ml airless sachets designed for 2 face and neck applications. Recommend for all skin types and especially as no-rinse sleeping mask due to quick absorption the gel-patch completely reset skin’s “aging clock” and provide dramatic longevity results.It is just the “lift” you have been looking for. Apply half of the airless pack on face and neck in uniform coat. Leave the gel mask on for 10 minutes then massage. It should absorbed completely.©


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