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Natural and Anti Aging Beauty Products for Facials. We offer cost effective Chemical Peels for treatment of acne, sun damage, wrinkles.


 We offer relaxing and total physical improvement therapies such as manual lymphatic drainage massage, yokomotherapia, electrotherapy and others pertaining to your needs.

Massage is not a substitute for exercise. Most of my clients go for punishing spin classes, dance-cardio and hot yoga to achieve well-sculpted body but there’s a kinder way about how to best care for our bodies and engineer results, going beyond heart-rate measurement and senseless diets. My lymphatic-drainage body-fascial massage is a tried-and- true way to keep limbs and waist lean and cellulite -free without spending hours at the gym. Running, jumping rope workout or stretching will stimulate the lymph flow but will not remove fat deposits in some body areas. Lymph lives between the skin and the fascia-the body connective tissue-and it can stagnate there while the fascia becomes tight and poorly stimulated. Loosening up the fascia with a massage or microcurrent on a specific mode will improve the lymph circulation and remove the cellulite. Aside from its purported tightening abilities, lymphatic massage is a must before and after cosmetic surgeries, such as facelifts, breast reconstruction, liposuction to reduce swelling and speeds up healing.