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Caviar & Truffle face cream 50 ml

Caviar and Truffle face cream. Bio-Cell Ultra Nourishing Mega-Rich Intensive Face Cream 50 ml/ Luxury Concept

Pamper, nourish, hydrate and moisturize your skin with this luxurious caviar, truffle, grape seed, hazelnut extracts and other active ingredients 7-in-1 anti aging face cream with extremely pleasant texture to restore skin vitality for more youthful look. Made with 28 actives for total skin rejuvenation with best value in the luxury cosmetic market. Contain hydrolyzed sesame proteins, peptides, vitamin B, several amino-acids in a proprietary technology to preserve and protect skin youthfulness and for total bio-revitalization. "My skin is never tired of this absolutely the best luxurious cream. I also use the Integral caviar and truffle serum available only with the facial kit to boost nourishment and hydration. I'm 75 and look half of my age."  Catherine Habanananda, DC