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                                                                          Cellulite and Body Contouring Treatments
                                                                           Posted on May 29, 2016, at 8:45 AM
Usually at this time of the year the topic of cellulite becomes more relevant. While normal fat can be reduced through exercise and diet, cellulite cannot. I have combined 40 plus years’ expertise with the latest technology to reduce cellulite for hundreds of women. Many factors contribute to the formation of cellulite and as a result we can identify distinct types of cellulites with specific physiology and appearance.
  Body Rehab is a 4-week intensive treatment program utilizing the latest technological advances. It combines:

    a) variable electrical current (a very sophisticated patent microprocessor breaks down the calcified fatty deposits, stimulates the lymph system, and assists in ejecting mobilized fats, increases the muscular metabolism, which reaffirms and tones the muscles) and

    b) pneumatic lymphatic massage which squeezes the liquefied fat and fluids in one direction towards the kidneys, and helps the body to eliminate fat deposits. This patented device performs lymphatic drainage for the whole body in 40 minutes compared to three hours when execute manually. I’ve recorded best results for women with 15 lbs. above their healthy weight and mostly flabby aka water retention.
  c) For thick cellulite, a third procedure mesotherapy is added (the administration of minimum doses of medicine by means of intradermic punctures in the area underlying the pathological focal point to be treated).
 What can you expect after just one treatment? - smoother skin and tone muscles... Most cool or hot laser treatments for cellulite just shrink fat cells but do not direct them to the lymph and kidneys to eject. Therefore, such treatments give partial and short-term results. Keep in mind that cellulite is a tri-factor of water retention, mobilized fat deposits and muscle weakness. My body rehab program addresses all of them plus the accelerating effect of topically applied natural serums in proprietary carriers with manual lymphatic massage. Average results obtained during the program are loss of 12 to 18 pounds depending on age, lifestyle, activity, and genetic history. The results are obtained with an ultrasonic device rather than photography of before and after which have no scientific values. This program is not designed to treat medical conditions such as obesity.

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