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Facial with extractions-Deep-pore-cleansing 

The Holy Grail of our facials. Removal of blackheads is considered a corrective procedure. We do not pamper you with a facial massage to keep cost down and allow us time to perform sterile extraction, blackheads removal for a visibly  healthy skin complexion. The facial protocol consists of cleansing with a product for your specific skin type, then Youth-Glow 24 Enzyme mask is applied with rice powder enriched in Arctic berries (sea buckthorn and cloudberry) to resurface the skin by shedding dead cells and soften skin to dislodge junk from pores with comfort. After extraction, the face is washed with luxurious pure rose water (Bulgarian Rose Damascena) and no-rinse complete absorption mask is applied to hydrate and balance the skin. You may find the cleansing, steaming and mask phases very relaxing and may even doze off. With this facial we offer 20% off seaweed soap, ​or gentle enzyme exfoliantTime: 60 minutes Cost: $180.00.

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