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Best Hyaluronic No-rinse off mask in Washington DC

Osmotic Patch Hyaluronic facial mask 15 ml 

The mask is perfectly biodegradable and biocompatible. The mask futures low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, micronized minerals, and proteins for prolong hydration and dewy finish. We recommend for all skin types, especially as no-rinse off sleeping mask. Due to quick absorption the gel-patch resets skin’s “aging clock” with dramatic longevity results. It is just the “lift” you have been looking for.
Packaging: 15 ml airless sachets designed for face and neck applications. Apply half of the airless pack on face and neck in uniform coat. Leave the gel mask on for 10 minutes then massage. Use the remain in the next 48 hours.
"I tried all types of masks: Hyaluronic, sleeping, hydrating, firming, mud, clay. This one is the best for my skin" Teresa Heinz

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