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Night Revitalizing Face Cream 50 ml

Silk Face Night Hydro-lifting Cream double action formula 50 ml 1.7 fl. Oz

Wake up to a vibrant and moisturized skin. Silk face night hydro-lifting cream is paraben-free light-texture, non-oily, soft emulsion with bio-affinity to all skin types. Due to the encapsulation of Co Q10, this unique healing cream has multi-level action obtained via synergy of proteins, vitamins and peptides strictly from plants. Daily use of this moisturizer improves skin health quality, stimulating cell metabolism to defeat fatigue for healthy complexion. Made with small molecule marine proteins and hyaluronic acid with evident anti-aging skin benefits, plant peptides and fermented milk.

"I use Q10 face day and night cream plus all Bio Tec USA serums and my skin just love it. The Osmotic Patch mask is the best mask in the market. No-match. " Carla Smith DC