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Peptide Face mask 2 Oz with 10 skin benefits

Instant Glow Face and Neck Mask: Get radiant younger looking skin with our fast-acting beauty mask with tensor effect, rapid response skin booster. The mask provide 10 skin benefits: deep cleanse and minimizes pores; brightens and evens skin tone; restores moisture with proteins; improve skin texture due to faster cell replication; protect due to optimum vitamins concentration; tightens skin due to bio-mimetic peptides from honey-bees; nourish the skin (sesame oil, rose hip oil): improve cell metabolism with retinoic acid, improves elasticity and firmness, heal and rejuvenate skin.
"This is my favorite. I use it sometimes with EWR Serum". Sharyl Tennille, DC

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply a thick coat of the mask on face, neck around the eyes avoid eyelids. Leave on for 15 minutes then gently massage and rinse off. You will feel cooling and tingling sensation, which will last for approximately 10 minutes after the application. It feels like a fitness for the skin. Complete absorption No-Rinse-Off bio-active mask. If you prefer to rinse off, use EWR serum and face cream on face and neck.

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