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 Peptide Serum with Tensor effect 30 ml - Skin Toning

Expression wrinkle relaxer serum is formulated with vegetable proteins and peptides in proprietary biotechnology process. Very pleasant gel with sensorial properties that can be used as an alternative to, or between fillers for total rejuvenation. With pleasant slightly citric aroma, this 3-in-1 regenerating skin booster serum smooths frown lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity and firmness, brightens and hydrate skin. It is non-irritating quick absorption gel, exhibits an excellent bio-affinity with skin and has rapid and sustained effect for face and neck. All natural. ​

"I used many serums and creams from TV shows and different skincare marketing platforms but one serum that gives me instant glow is the expression wrinkle relaxer. It works like a fitness for my skin, first cools then warms, tightens my skin and facial muscles I use it with the cream in the facial kit and with the Bee-venom mask. It's amazing. Thank you Tanya for keeping my skin in tiptop shape". Sheryl Tennille. Washington DC

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