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Powerful, Fast-Acting Beauty Products, Direct from Lab to Your Door
Published 06/20/ 2023
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Back from Supplier Day meeting in New York this year, I am very excited about the possibilities in technical innovation of cosmetics and personal care products. Excellent presentations about syntactic and environmentally friendly sustainable actives in molecular bio-technology. Vitamins, proteins, probiotics remain the most sought-after cosmetic ingredients globally but in different technologically advanced carriers. Fractional hyaluronic acid and retinol are still the most popular actives in cosmetic dermatology and in high demand by consumers. They are the go-to ingredients in serums and creams for plump and moisturized skin. Hyaluronic acid’s high moisture-binding capacity makes it an excellent hydrator when used in cosmetics, but for fuller, firmer skin, hyaluronic acid alone is not enough. What is needed is a cosmetic active that allows the skin to work smarter, replenishing its own hyaluronic acid levels where it is needed, boosting the skin’s fullness and firmness from within. That’s exactly what BIOTEC USA cosmetics are all about, a complete anti-aging management system for skin-wellness and longevity. Perfectly biocompatible and biodegradable natural peptides, proteins and neuromodulators stimulate the skin’s own proteins creating highly organized elastin and collagen. After only one week of use you will see a significant firming, suppleness and moisturizing effect across multiple skin zones leading to fuller, plump, firmer skin as no other cosmetic in the marketplace. No regrets. Just results. It’s not just about fixing signs of aging with beauty products, it’s also about delaying the overall aging process. Embracing a more holistic approach to health and beauty consumers are increasingly aware of the vital role of internal skin health in maintaining a youthful appearance. More and more users rather focus on strategies mixing beauty, health, and wellness concerns altogether and with my work and research I am highly motivated and inspired to meet their demands. Discover the secret formulas of  my beauty products you won't find anywhere else. Learn more:


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