Skin care

PREVENTION is a concept in the medical and food industry but it is extremely important in skin care. Acting on your skin TODAY at the molecular level will minimize its damage tomorrow. Using bioactive delivery such as Cyclodextrins, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glyceryl polyacrylate render control release of vitamins, proteins, minerals and other actives which leads to quick action and optimal effect. I suggest the use of Coenzyme Q10 Fresh cleanser, once weekly exfoliate with gentle exfoliating cleanser, Silk face Q10 cream day / night and eye microemulsion is a must. Why Coenzyme Q10? Co Q10 is synthesized in all tissues, combined with Vitamin E, Cytochrome C assist in cell respiration and protect the skin from environmental and intrinsic aging.Dehydration is the first sign of aging so it is imperative to moisturize and protect skin.