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Retinol Serum in Capsules (60 units) - Regenerate, Renew, Improve Skin Texture. Better & faster results than retinol ceramide - It's worth trying it. 

Retinol is the gold standard for skin regeneration. We use the new oil soluble technology in optimum non-prescription concentration Vitamin A to ensure 100% stability, freshness and efficacy when the serum is applied. Our retinol capsules are made in a single dosage for convenient use. The serum has a fine, silky texture and is tolerated by all skin types. Use only before bed time to smooth skin texture and fine wrinkles, prevent skin ageing, minimize brown spots, sun damage. "Especially when mix with Bio Tec USA Brightening powder & Vitamin C the brown spots dissipate in about 3 weeks. Follow directions on the Brightening powder label". Sherry Hersey, Maryland

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