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Neuromodulators and biomimetic peptides are coming in USA. You will hear more about these superb anesthetic molecules for skin augmentation. Recently the cosmetic media named them “the new anti aging buzz”. I produced my first facial kit EWR serum and cream with neuromodulators back in October 2004 and shortly after a few aestheticians from Beverly Hills named the facial kit “the red carpet facial". It’s a quick fix, it tightens neck, face even upper arms, it gives the skin an amazing glow, it does it all.” Recently the cream was reformulated with a new emollient previously not available to optimize the efficacy. I also produced the Pro-10X Bee Venom Instant Glow mask (all natural) to accolade the facial kit. New studies have proved the numerous skin benefits of medical apitherapy, topical use of natural biomimetic peptides derived from bees for improvement of skin texture, metabolic activity and in general skin quality.  In USA apitherapy is consider the use of raw-honey but in fact in Europe is more like using the extracts from raw honey and the bee-mother aka epigen. The mask is no-rinse a complete absorption with superb rejuvenation skin benefits, recommend as a sleeping mask and perfect for long flights. It’s the best facial muscle fitness that last approximately 7-8 hours after application.