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                                                                      Wellness Center Washington DC

  "This is the best wellness center in DC and may be in the whole metropolitan area. I can get Pressotherapy with lymphatic massage, fix my muscle atrophy with the most advanced electrotherapy and get the best Yumeiho massage. I am very impressed with Tanya's knowledge of body anatomy and her quick-fix approach. I recommend her to everyone."
 Dorothy Jackson DC   

                              In-Demand Tanya's Relaxing & Restoring Skin Hydration Body Treatment 

This treatment combines a cleansing 30-minute exfoliation with a blend of warm oil of Bulgarian primrose, ylang oil from India and argan oil from Morocco with apricot kernels and grape seed micro-grains, to gently exfoliate the skin from neck to toe. Followed up with a 60-minute full-body massage to work away tension in the legs, arms, shoulders and back, shutting off busy brains. Cost $178.00

Tanya’s idea: "Seasons don’t just signal a change in the weather they also change your skin’s circadian clock and body behavior.” 
Customer review: “It was a little pricey for my teacher’s pay but it was an amazing experience and I also shed a few pounds. I told my colleagues and we are all very keen now.” Cynthia H.

                                                Pressotherapy and Lymphatic massage

No other
pressotherapy device can deliver better results than Perfecta Total Body. This unique and patent Sea Wave System consists of three pieces that universally cover the arms, abdomen and legs. Sea Wave technology features overlapping segments which are sequentially inflated before the previous one has totally deflated. This enables a selective and progressive application of pressure without interruptions. The device has many medical and cosmetic applications: Jet-Lagged Circulation improvement/ heavy legs, swollen ankles: prophylaxes of post surgical deep venous thrombosis, reduction of area venous pressure/ pop-up veins, reduction of lymphatic and venous edema 60-70% after just one session, reduction of trans-capillary filtration. Cost: $105.00 60-minute session.

The aesthetic market offer many mechanical ways for non- surgical body sculpting, cellulite and fat reduction. We use a patent micro-current device which combines two technologies, infrared and muscle electro- stimulation. This dual technology improves muscle tone in treated areas, reduces localized fat on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, helps in reduction of all types of cellulite (compact and soft cellulite, water retention). Numerous therapists dealing with this condition do not understand that the problem is the muscle not the fat deposit. ​​So without muscle electro-stimulation and lymphatic drainage, just cooling or heating the fat adipose the results are short-term. Time: 50 minutes Cost: $100.00

                                      Equilibrium Massage 
Relax with Tanya’s full-body-scalp equilibrium massage with elements from lymphatic drainage, body reflexology and Yumeiho, the original Masayuki Saionji MD method for back and joint pain relief and total body balance.
30 minutes Cost $75.00

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