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Are natural products better for my skin than a non-natural product?

   My research and product development are focused on the expression of the gene for skin longevity with material science which means we DO NOT TRY TO MODIFY but REVERSE the expression of the gene with bioengineered and natural actives. In recent years, brands and retailers have been jumbling to meet growing consumer desires for “green” beauty product features, such as ​organic, recyclable, fair trade and sustainably produced.
  I wonder why do consumers seek out “natural” beauty products when the label is often unregulated?
In most markets and for most product categories worldwide, “natural” is an unregulated label, which means that brands can advertise products as natural, regardless of specific ingredients or other characteristics.
  To me natural beauty products are chemical free, do not include artificial ingredients, do not contain GMOs, respect animal welfare, produced according to stringent regulations, better for my skin than a non-natural product. If you care about a true natural moisturizer, try HP (high performance) 24 Hours rejuvenator 2ffrom my brand. It is a truly natural moisturizer and delivers precisely what’s promising optimum hydration and protection with instant absorption. The product is made with bioengineered vitamins/ antioxidants, proteins, and numerous natural activities. Quality and price, you will appreciate. It is featured on sale this month. Please post your reviews on Google.

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