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Prestige Concept: Caviar and Truffle Facial Kit also known as the ultimate spa experience with 5 products/ video link on facials page

The facial kit combines the nature’s most precious actives with the latest peptide technology to achieve the best possible cosmetic results. The kit contain: one serum integral 30 ml, one jar caviar and truffle micro pearls 15 ml, facial rejuvenation osmotic mask 7 units of 15 ml, retinol capsules 14 units, bio-cell (caviar & truffle) cream 15 ml. The best from Nature and Science for radiant younger looking skin. White truffle and Caviar Extract in Pearls (not in oil or emulsion) the most luxurious, natural ingredients rich in fatty acids, proteins, stem cells, minerals, and fibers for optimum skin nourishment plus Grape Seed and Hazelnut extract in the form of pure polyphenol and oligopeptides provide the skin with optimum protection against free radicals, sun damage and loss of lipids due to the aging process.

Caviar and Truffle Skin Care Set

$390.00 Regular Price
$312.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • White truffle with protecting and moisture-balancing effect.
    • Caspian sea caviar in pearls (not in oil or emulsion) the most luxurious naturals, rich in fatty acids, proteins, minerals and fibers for optimum skin nourishment.
    • coupled with grape seed and hazelnut extract as potent antioxidants.
    • to increase the efficacy, performance and activity of the products we incorporate several modulators from science
    • such as retinol, glycoprotein’s from the Antarctic Sea, calcium-LPCA, and multi functional peptides design to trigger cell renewal, improving skin texture, smoothing wrinkles for total rejuvenation and optimum skin nourishing.


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