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" I get my facials with Tanya since 1993. She is a miracle worker. Her services are always perfectly executed." 

Molly Raiser


Hello, my name is Sherry Hursey and had the pleasure of meeting Tanya many years ago in my twenties for my first chemical peel and my skin looked amazing. I continued to see Tanya for many years, now 50 and people are amazed because they say that I look much younger than my years. I give Tanya credit for that, not only did she take care of my skin, but she also taught me how to care for my health. I have tried other places, but I swear non can compare to Biotec. I came to Tanya in tears, but i left with beautiful glowing skin in a matter of weeks. I had the best skin!! Thank You, Tanya I will never forget you." Sherry Hersey


I think Tanya's skin products are the best I have ever used. Sure the bottles themselves and the labeling are plain, but with Tanya's creams and tonics you pay for the ingredients not fancy labels. It's a real asset to have someone of her statute in DC. She keeps up with all the newest skin research and is a coveted speaker at the serious seminars on the subject or skin and rejuvenation. Her products and treatments have been a best kept secret in Washington, I have second thoughts about sharing her with all-DC, (wanting to keep her to myself and my friends) but heck, she deserves wider exposure. I have been going to Tanya Gospodinova at Biotec religiously since 1997. I won't let anyone else touch my face. She is extremely knowledgeable about the medical aspects of skin care and the chemistry of all the products that she uses. Only natural and organic! No one will clean your skin better and you will walk out glowing. She does not push her products and often runs specials on facials and products." Victoria Pope, Washington DC


"I have been on the buyer side for Tanya Bio-Aesthetics the founders' previous day spa in Fox Hall Medical building. We have worked multiple skin care lines, Dibi, Jan Marini, Peter Thomas Roth, Skin Ceuticals, DDF, Dr. Grandel, you name it we carried it until the BIOTEC USA line was established and formulated. I must say these cosmecueticals outperform any other line available on the market. They have active ingredients that truly do what they say, the products are simply AMAZING! Tanya has the experience, skill and knowledge that no other esthetician in the nation has and that is why elite woman of Washington continue to use her services. Once you try any of her facials you WILL NOT go anywhere else!" Petya Balevska, Washington DC


Tanya's micella cleanser feels like a breeze of fresh mountain air and perfectly remove all my make up leaving my skin fresh and moist. Her facial lymphatic massage lift away all my daily worries and her amaizing products wipe 10 years off my face. No hype only real results. I've been going to Tanya since 1993. I appreciate her knowledge, skills, professional ethics and products.I get it all.

Cheryl Tennille Washington, DC


Tanya, I followed your instructions and applied 2 Retinol capsules to my face followed by the Q10 night cream, and it felt so fabulous. My skin just drinks this up (it absorbs quickly so that I need this hydration. As for the daytime, I know you explained that the Q10 Day has extended benefits that are helped with Q10 Night, but I have really liked using the 24-hour rejuvenating cream in the day. I hope you think it will still be good for me to use the 24-hour in the day with Q10 at night. Thank you for always helping me develop an easy regimen to follow so that I pair the right products together for the right results. Lynda Elliot, DC


        Dear Tanya, It’s been a year now since I left Washington. I like where I am and enjoy my semi-rural existence. But there is no one like Tanya and nothing like Tanya’s products around! Victoria Pope


"I usually get facials with Tanya once a month and I love all my facials, never disappointed, that’s why I go to her since 1993, but the post summer skin revival facial was amazing. My skin and neck was uplift and bright and stunning younger looking. Tanya always talk about technology in her magic serums and creams and whatever magic potion she uses in this facial it just works without any injections. I couldn’t wait for my next month appointment and I signed up two weeks later. Now I’m addicted. I recommend the post summer skin revival facial to every woman. Thanks Tanya for keeping me youthful land happy." Cynthia Howard MD


"Not until I started seeing Tanya did I see any real, lasting improvement to my sensitive skin. I have been her client for ten years -- her products are amazing; in fact, I haven't used and won't use any other line because of the way her products feel on my skin and what I know is in them (all the good stuff). Tanya offers products for all skin types, and some come in travel sizes. I love the healing effects of Tanya's Vitamin C & Calcium Serum, and I love how her Q10 day cream, High Performance Creme, and Eyeless Contour all feel like cool water to my thirsty skin. I love the absolutely fabulous Foaming Cleanser because it is gentle and really cleans my face without making it feel dry and tight. And... I love it when people ask me what I use that makes my skin look so great!" Lynda E., DC


     "Love this place! I frequent BioTec USA to get my beauty products! I cannot live without my Biocell Cream. It's made with Caviar and Truffle. I used to use Chanel cream for my face until I started using BioTec. Trust me, there are NO other products on the market like these. This place is definitely a hidden gem!" Carla Smith DC


"I would like to start off my saying that I am overly picky with my skin care products over all. I've been coming to see Tanya since she was in the Foxhall Medical Building so it's been a good 26 years now. I am constantly getting compliments. Some people don't believe that I am almost a grandmother at this stage in life. I really owe it all to BioTec USA. I am addicted to the High Performance cream and the retinol capsules. I come twice a year for my facials. I must say that if this place was ever to leave Georgetown I really wouldn't know where else to go. I encourage everyone to try it out. I guarantee you won't find anything better around!" Katherine Peters DC


"Biotec USA by far has the best skin care products to date! I have very sensitive skin and would constantly have to change products. After using Biotec USA, I refuse to go anywhere else. My skin used to dry out after being out for a couple hours; I absolutely don't have that problem anymore. I use the foaming cleanser which is great. It's so easy to use and I love the fact that I can clean my sensitive eye area. I use the serum collagen hp which does a great job protecting my face in the daytime. The vitamin C 10% & Calcium is wonderful!!! My face always feels refreshed and keeps a nice glow. My skin tone doesn't change when the weather changes anymore, everything is so even now. At night time, I use the retinol capsules. I like the fact that I don't have to go through a whole process before bed. When I wake up, my skin feels softer and as weeks passed, my skin has gotten firmer. Thanks Biotec USA, because of you I will look 30 when I am 50.Desiree L, Beltsville Maryland


  "I must say, I'm definitely in love with the Retinol Capsules and the Caviar Pearls. The use of these two products has definitely shown me great

  results. I have tried many products out there which have cost me a great deal of money but not delivered the promised results. The Retinol         Capsules have improved my skin complexion and it also has my skin feeling and looking younger. The Caviar Pearls-Cream is definitely out of this     world; you will see and feel instant results. Talk about hydration for your skin. Wow! Thanks a bunch BIOTEC USA."

  Sally L., Silver Spring, Maryland


"I have received a lot of different facials from BIOTEC USA. I have a couple favorites. The High Performance 76 Facial which was the MOST amazing thing I've ever experienced in my life. It feels absolute heaven. I literally fell asleep in the middle of it. The lady who did my facial, her name is Tanya. She also did a lymphatic drainage massage- absolute bliss. At the end of my facial my skin looked brand new. I didn't even wear any make up for weeks!!! I also came back shortly after a Miami trip and got the deep pigmentation facial because I had a lot of sun patches, dry skin. At the end, my face was even and one color. It was unbelievable. For the person who wrote (on the that the location in Georgetown isn't "charming" you must be a new client because BIOTEC USA used to be based out of Fox Hall medical building in Georgetown. She moved it to where it is now for convenience. I've been seeing Tanya for over 17 years now and she is the best in the area. I've had a chance to meet her other clients in the waiting area and they are the "who's who" in DC. The thing I like most about BIOTEC USA SKIN CARE is that the owner is not just the owner, she is the Science Manager... she knows all the chemistry behind her products because she formulates them herself! There's nothing she doesn't know about her products, (trust me ask her and then try asking someone at Bliss or Elizabeth Arden)! Anyhow, I recommend her all the way!" 
Malak Y., DC                                             

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