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Retinol Serum in Capsules (60 units) - Regenerate, Renew, Improve Skin Texture. Better and faster results than retinol ceramide - It's worth trying it. 

Retinol is the gold standard for skin regeneration. We use the new oil soluble technology in optimum non-prescription concentration vitamin A to ensure 100% stability, freshness and efficacy when the serum is applied. Our retinol capsules are made in a single dosage for convenient use. The serum has a fine, silky texture and is tolerated by all skin types

Retinol Serum in Capsules 60 Units

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  • Retinol is photo-sensitive molecule, therefore should be used only before bedtime. Twist the capsule and apply the serum from the clavicle bone upward the neck and face. Double serum on age spots. The serum is instantly absorped due to carrier/ delivery system. We suggest using Silk face Coenzyme Q10 night cream after the retinol serum or with our DMAE 20% serum for aging skin, wrinkles, rough texture, brown spots.


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