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BIO TEC USA Chemical Peels

 "Hello my name is Sherry Hersey and I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya many years ago in my twenties for my first chemical peel and my skin looked amazing. I continued to see Tanya for many years, now 50 and people are amazed because they say that I look much younger than my years. I give Tanya credit for that, not only did she take care of my skin, but she also taught me how to care for my health. I have tried other places, but I swear non can compare to Biotec USA skincare. I came to Tanya in tears, but I left with beautiful glowing skin in a matter of weeks. I had the best skin!! Thank You, Tanya I will never forget you."

non alcohol based control delivery skin peel made for comfort and instant results   v=6r8YcmZ3iRA&list=PL2uBswjW-_Wm5pzTg-0fiRDQetn3_jHdN

Workshop Topic: Chemical Peels versus ED for Acne Scars & Skin Rejuvenation. "The best training for chemical peels and non-invasive bio-revitalization we attend was with Dr.Gospodinova. She's amazing and very knowledgeable."JimLingle M.D.

"At the end of the seminar, I was overwhelmed of Tanya's knowledge and skills. I will sign up again" Margaret Lenore MEP, CA

All group workshops are cancelled due to Covid-19. One-on-one training is available, please    Sign-Up

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