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Tanya Gospodinova is the science director and nationwide educator of BIOTEC USA.  She has pioneered the category of high-performance dermo-cosmetics with safe and clean profile to improve skin quality. Using material science for preserving skin health these natural yet medicinal-strength products blend organic and natural actives with powerful synthetic ingredients for preserving and improving quality skin texture and youthful complexion. Her gourmet approach to beauty compound the most nutrient-rich foods Caspian Sea caviar and truffles that fit her understanding of skincare as “nutrition for the skin.
In May 1991 she came in Washington DC to work under contract and while working on work permits and later on citizenship documents in 1993, she opened Tanya Bio-Aesthetics A Day Spa in Fox-hall Medical building located on New Mexico Ave. NW, Washington DC with more then 200 doctors’ offices among them several plastic surgeons and dermatologists, neighboring many other skin care salons and medical spas.
In September 1998 Tanya G. registered a new company Bio-Tec USA with brand name skin care products.
In April 2001 Tanya G. produced and registered the first encapsulated Co-enzyme Q 10 skin care category Silk Face™ in Cyclodextrins technology, parabens-free, still a best seller nowadays. Later this year she launched Whispered by Nature™ pure aromatherapy luxurious bath products with essential oils from organically grown Lavender, geranium and rose oil in Bulgaria.
In May 2006 Tanya became a member of ISCS and CTPA and in collaboration with her cosmetic team of highly experienced pharmacists, she developed two cosmetic lines High Performance 76™ and later in 2007 the Ultimate Spa Experience™ with two facial kits and related products for home compliance. From 2007 until 2011 75% of the company market was mostly spas and skin care salons. The Ultimate spa experience™ skin care category was especially formulated with the most luxurious functional natural actives such as white truffle extract, Caspian Sea caviar and grape seed plus the latest technological peptides. The idea was to combine the nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals in search for optimum revitalized skin or the gourmet approach to the fountain of beauty. In an interview with the Spa management magazine she talked about her passion and business mantra: "My job is always about the client. My goal is to produce a product with a purpose that will create emotions and play a role in the lives of the end user. When I work on a new project my objectives are to produce the most valuable product that can influence people's life. Although the essence of my business is cosmetic science for skin-health, I believe my best achievement was and still remain chemo-abrasion and minimally invasive procedures for total skin restoration, not only because these are pocket-friendly for both the customer and the practitioner but because of the results."
These days the company  is building a strong brand awareness through consistent product quality and science-based formulations. In the past several years the consumer market prevails for the brand.

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