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Before you Go, you should be in the know: Anti-Aging Treatments  


   Biotech has invaded skin longevity and beauty space. Today you will read more stories about genetic age-reversal technologies in human clinical trials. It seems like the most advanced anti-aging treatments on the horizon make plastic-surgery procedures run-of-the- mill. Recently a few of my clients at the early age of 30th decide to try my rejuvenating skin-boosting shots which in fact I have been doing and promoting with exclusive offers since 1996. This prompts me to give you a few helpful hints.

   Let us say that you decide to do the plasma facial or PRP platelet-rich plasma therapy which uses vials of your own blood and has long been used to treat injuries, osteoarthritis, and hair loss. If you look at a blood sample from a 20-year-old donor and 50- or 60-years old person, you will notice a dramatic difference in protein quality. This explains why specialized blood transfusion clinics prefer “young” and healthy blood donors from teenagers 16 and up because younger blood has far lower level of the harmful proteins that build up with age, which may cause decreased production of brain cells and inflammation. If you reverse aging in one organ or tissue, usually the whole body is reversed, because all cells have the same underlying defects. I have seen patients come to me with prolonged bruising and little or less expected skin quality improvement and longevity results.

   Other popular and much safe procedures are mesotherapy and bio- revitalization. These are vastly different procedures, and the injectable solutions have different composition and purpose. Some aesthetic practices use vitamin serums with micro needling for bio revitalization of the epidermis. For deeper rejuvenation, this method is very painful and not safe. Micro-injection technique is safer, faster, less painful, and more efficient. What makes both mesotherapy and bio revitalization effective is the combination of skills (the knowledge and the experience of the practitioner), the exact solution formula for the correct anatomic area treated.

   Over the past decades we have developed and successfully used methods of minimally invasive aesthetic surgery, based on special threads provided with microscopic, angled barbs, double-pointed needles, or cannulas. This technique of subcutaneous suturing through, fixation and lifting of soft tissue make it possible to obtain qualitative, sufficiently long-standing lifting of the face and neck with no cuts or with tiny cutaneous incisions. These are simple, affordable, safe, and efficient techniques for rejuvenation of the face and neck. For more details, please visit my page

Whatever your choice is, keep in mind skin rejuvenation is not a day on the beach. 

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