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  In the past customers' concerns were mostly about efficacy. Today their concerns are about authenticity and safety of the product. One of the reasons BIOTEC USA products are ISO registered is to prove authenticity. Many products out there are not ISO registered. Compound labs usually formulate one Vitamin C serum or a moisturizer with antioxidants and doctor’s private label. I am not saying that such a product is not effective but it is not authentic and the efficacy is not proved.

  Trust is about partnership, integrity and quality and it is at the very heart of my job. It is particularly important for me to produce products and relevant treatment protocols that are best for you.

  With the advances in peptide technology and the elevated level of competition nowadays, it is hard to separate science from folklore. I suggest you use science when you choose your personal care products and folklore for entertainment. Today the consumer is highly intelligent and the only way to keep my business relevant  is to match the consumer demand with integrity. In fact, the efficacy and the authenticity of my products are the most important link between me and my clients. I will try to elucidate this topic in a short paragraph.

 Peptides are three categories. Those with physiological properties (or mitochondrial targeted, modulators, neurotransmitters). The second group includes peptides with restructuring/firming properties that promise to increase protein synthesis in the skin means improve skin density and the third group are peptides with expression properties (tensor effect). As we already know in search for cosmetic alternatives to medical treatments, many cosmetic firms have produced alternatives to botulin toxin focusing their efficacy on the relaxing mechanical action only but very few combine effect countering both the formation of mechanical wrinkles and formation of biological wrinkles. My product EWR facial kit is among the winners. Peptides like SINCOIL™ and SINAKE™ or “a snake in the jar” have short term relaxing effect on the muscle. They do not generate long-term biological action. Sensibly to claim that a topical cosmetic has the same or even better effect than BOTOX® is not serious.

  Simply say, the consumer ingredient knowledge should go beyond naturals and organics in skin care. What about control delivery of actives delivered precisely where it is needed (The concept of dermo cosmetics) or toxicologically safety profile? My ethical and legal obligation to the consumer is to provide the safest products possible. For instance consumers demand preservative free products, under the EU regulations if a preservative is used in cosmetics, it must be chosen from ANEX V. Yet, there are no natural preservatives listed on the ANEX means there are no natural preservatives in cosmetics. Preservatives-free claims are simply illegally used. Their absence from ANEX V means they have not been subjected to the same safety/toxic test as those accepted on the list. The use of essential oils for their preserving properties such as coconut oil for example in natural cosmetics has been practiced for ages. However, they must be used in high concentration or in combination with synthetic preservatives and care must be taken to avoid fragrance skin allergens. In addition, sustainability may prove to be a problem due to large harvesting and the final cost of claims like “hand-picked”. I am positive about natural preservatives to complement the synthetic options already on offer available.

  There is a big gap in the industry here between both sides producers and users. In conclusion science-based beauty products with a safety toxicological profile and effective bio-affinity to skin are my choice. Learn More:


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