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Do you want a more youthful appearance? Want stronger, brighter more revitalized skin? See what is possible with your first visit. We provide clinically validated services "just for you" with wonderful experience and extra benefits of original skincare products. 

"I buy my products from BIOTEC USA and have facials with Tanya since 1994. She is extremely knowledgeable and skillful, a person of integrity and down to earth simply she's my skin care genius. Her skin care center is quiet and private. I love the caviar and truffle facial that comes with gentle peel, deep pore cleansing and relaxing lymphatic massage. Thank you, Tanya, for keeping me younger looking and happy."- Catherine Habanananda, Washington DC


Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial with extraction for blocked pores 

Russian Beluga Caviar Facial- Rejuvenate skin, Restore Nourishment, Increase Radiance/ video 

Radiance Facial- Enhances Skin Hydration, Improves Skin Texture

Skin Renewal Facial- Reduces fine lines, eye puffiness, age spots/ Special offer  with IPL

Bio-Tec USA Glow facial -Give Your Skin Bounce-Back with Increased Elasticity & Firmness 

Anti-Aging Facial High Performance 76 Boosts skin immunity/video

Back Facial with 20 minutes massage

Waxing and Depilatory Services

Lymphatic massage, Body contouring, Cellulite treatment, Chemical Peels, Beauty Store

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