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DNA facial, microdermabrasion v/s microinfusion

Updated: Mar 10

You have heard about the latest buzz a DNA facial, the world's most advanced "life changing facial". No-No, this facial is for dummies, period.

What exactly is the process? You swab your mouth then post your saliva to a commercial lab and wait a week or more to get your genetic results. Think about even if you pack your saliva in a sterile envelope your DNA is modified, the makeup or composition of saliva change from morning and over time. But let us look at how they describe the DNA facial: "We take a swab from the inside of your cheek to analyze five key ageing indicators: firmness & elasticity, wrinkling, sun damage & pigmentation, free radical damage and sensitivity & inflammation. We will then discuss your full medical and skincare history to understand your skin in more detail."

Sun damage? I can see once you walk through my door. Research on DNA phenotyping in humans has advanced with application of Artificial Intelligence approaches but all current and past capabilities are still hotly debated and genetic methodology and services will be more accurate, but it is done in clinical settings not in a facial room.

Derma infusion is another beauty influencers love few and social media. Pore vacuuming if a full vial of the gunk is extracted from your face, think about? The query is simple neglected-dirty-comedo skin. Is this what beauty influencers call derma infusion? It is wrong. It is a simple standard microdermabrasion treatment, blasting the face with microcrystals or abrasing with diamond shaped grime on the surface of the skin and infusing a serum diluted with saline.

I have heard many options from aestheticians while teaching my aesthetic courses.

My opinion it does half of what a skillful manual extraction will do with prepping of the skin in a classic way with cotton swabs soaked in a non-alcohol formula acid peel in control delivery system and applying the serum with a little lymphatic facial massage. This is what I call an amazing facial experience that infuses instant glow and improves skin texture. The skin is like a house, it needs Spring cleaning and prepping for winter. The product application in a facial treatment is tailored to skin type and age, it is not standard 1-2-3 - step and if your aesthetician offers you a DNA facial every 4-5 weeks and sends you home with a pack of DNA products that is another nonsense. Technology in product manufacturing competes with technology in energy devices. For those of you that are tech-savvy, buy skincare products with epigenetics infused DNA-messengers and antioxidants.

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