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From Winter to Spring Skincare Routine

Key words: skin renewal serums and creams, skin peeling v/s exfoliation, fermented beauty products, makeup tips revealing radiant skin.

 Post-winter days are all about repairing your skin's barrier. Facial serums and creams, non-greasy hands, and body lotions rich in amino acids and fermented actives with instant absorption.

Consumers today are not just looking for products that make them look better but also feel better and with this in mind the makers of products further blurring boundaries between wellness and beauty. I see more microbiome probiotics beauty products rich in amino-acid lipids, some with improved molecular structure. Probiotic products are a must have in Spring season because they support and rebalance the skin barrier function.

Gentle but effective exfoliation twice weekly is critical to unlocking fresh skin with a healthy glow. Avoid buying exfoliants with aluminum oxide. These particles stick in your pores, not easy to rinse off and attract light which results in pigmentation.

Consider one or two non-alcohols based in office peels to remove dead cells below stratum corneum and will leave your complexion looking radiant.

Hydration and protection are vital for radiance. It does not matter if your moisturizer is in a gel or cream form, what makes difference is the delivery system of actives and their concentration. Serums and moisturizers made with niacinamide, several forms of vitamin C, DMAE, green coffee berry extract with light texture and excellent spread ability (instant absorption) can even your skin tone and protect you from environmental damage.

 Sun protection is important, read the label of the SPF and buy the ones with patent filters.

Do not mist your skin with plain water, use lavender, rose oil, black orchids or any plant based non-alcohol mineral toner.

The season's best approach to makeup is to simplify. I prefer all year-round light -textured foundation sticks or mineral liquid powder foundations with SPF and skin comfort shades that match your skin tone and not only look great but are a breeze to use or you may opt out to moisture-tint sheer moisturizers with SPF. For Spring and summer, I suggest creamy shadows that allow you to use your fingers and the new goof-proof blushes that are long lasting and have a second-skin finishes. I've been talking about this technology for years now and use it in my no-rinse off facial masks.

Finally, glossy lips or matte textures are personal choice. Buy lipsticks with a velvet feeling and moisture boosting antioxidants. Look for lip gloss with serum-like texture, non-sticky sheen and plumping benefits. Toss out old products, get innovative beauty products for healthy glowing skin, long-lasting wear, and remember less is more

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