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Wishing For a Toned Body? When tone is lost and muscle lengthens, sagging appears especially in arms, belly, and buttocks. New cellulite body contouring treatment

Endurance training: medium to long distance jogging, cycling, and swimming…. relatively low intensity for an extended period versus

Strength training: weightlifting, sprinting, high intensity & shorter duration.

Endurance training is highly beneficial to health and appearance due to:

a) Enhanced general cardiovascular and respiratory condition.

b) Provides better oxygen and nutrients supply to skin cells.

c) Ability to get a better body shape by lowering subcutaneous fat accumulation and enhancing muscle tone.

There is a dynamic conversation between fiber types depending on the type of exercise.

⦁ Type 1 red fibers -slow, endurance training.

⦁ Type 2 red or white fibers - fast and short contractions, strength training.

Endurance training, through type 1 muscle fibers, helps to get a better body.

Slow fibers use aerobic metabolism which involves complete oxidation of glucose and fatty acids inside the mitochondria. Endurance exercise training mobilizes fat acids and release adiponectin.

Here comes the secret personal trainer: Approximately 120 km off the impressive North Atlantic coastline with stunning clear waters, abound coral reefs, see grass beds live a heavenly sponge from which Bacillus is isolated. This powerful active ingredient produces an enormous number of metabolites able to modulate various pathways in different biological systems. Bacillus has a very low molecular weight containing peptidic and glucidic material that mimics the effect of the endurance exercise training to improve body tone. So, the actives in my product application increase adiponectin release from the fatty acids, boost mitochondrial metabolism, promote developing of slow type fibers 1 and result in:

a) Decrease skin folds and reduce abdominal parameter.

b) Reduce tights contour and perimeter of arms.

c) Reduce body weight.

All this sounds great, but we must increase body temperature and awaken the muscle fibers 1 to get faster results by adding two technologies IR (infra-red) and micro current.

Remember the only way to reduce fat and cellulite permanently is to fix the strength and the resilience of the muscles first. Lean muscles, Lean and fit body.

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