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  The New Face Of Beauty 

This blog is written by Tanya Gospodinova the Science Director of Bio-Tec USA skin care center with the purpose to share valuable information about skin care, advanced medical aesthetic procedures and beauty products updates. Thanks for your kind comments.              

The concept of Active Beauty  

Published 03/02/2021

Until recently my client’s concerns were about active ingredients in skin creams, serums and lotions. Today their interest is in active beauty and quote: "how can this be good for my skin?" Active beauty is an advanced concept in skin science. The elucidation of new mechanisms in the ageing process and discovery of natural peptides, epigenetics, proteomics, in vitro cell techniques and other substances that will beneficially modify the ageing processes in the skin, has led to a greater sophistication in anti-ageing skin care concepts and products. The consumer interest has changed from wrinkle serums and moisturizing creams to more active formulations that have an effect beyond the top layer of the skin. With an increasing consumer trend towards natural products, what’s more natural than harnessing the bacteria on your skin? Read More

     Primetimes investigate claims about exotic spa treatments.

Published 05/27/2021.

As a science director of my company, product formulator and licensed cosmetology specialist operator-esthetics, I was stunned reading the story. That is exactly what persuade me to write this blog today.

This is the story: Primetime decided to investigate claims about some of the more exotic treatments offered by spas. Read more

Beauty is an Art, and We make it a Science

Published 05/20/2021

   It is particularly important for me to produce products and relevant skincare protocols that are absolute best for you. In the past customers concerns were mostly about efficacy. Today they their concerns are about authenticity and safety of the product. One of the reasons BIOTEC USA products are ISO registered is to proof authenticity. Many products out there are not ISO registered. Read More.

Are natural products better for my skin than a non-natural product?

Published 05/12/2021


   My research and product development are focused on the expression of the gene for skin longevity with material science which means we DO NOT TRY TO MODIFY but TO REVERSE the expression of the gene with bioengineered and natural actives. Read More

Before you Go, you should be in the Know: Anti-Aging Treatments  

Published 05/05/2021

   Biotech has invaded the skin longevity and beauty space. Today you will read more stories about genetic age-reversal technologies in human clinical trials. It seems like the most advanced anti-aging treatments on the horizon make plastic-surgery procedures run-of-the- mill. Recently a few of my clients at the early age of 30th decide to try my rejuvenating skin-boosting shots which in fact I have been doing and promoting with special offers since 1996. This prompt me to give you a few helpful hints. Read More

Do I Have to Change My Facial Cleanser in Winter?  

Published 05/05/2021

 I am not surprised that recently my customers are extremely concern about their facial cleanser or face wash. In my practice they usually want to change their cleanser in winter. In Washington DC up to now, we are lucky with the weather but with the COvid-19, wearing a facial mask and spending more time in heated rooms in front of computers the skin become more sensitive and reactive. My previous blog “Micellar Cleansers-Are they better than my regular face wash?” posted March 30,2016 generate positive reviews. Choosing a facial cleanser is personal decision and it depends on many factors. In this blog I will give you a few tips: Read More

                            Powerful, Fast-Acting Beauty Products, Direct from Lab to Your Door 

                                                                                 Published November 6/2020

   Market research shows that hyaluronic acid is one of the most sought-after cosmetic ingredients globally. Thanks to its use as a highly effective injectable filler in cosmetic dermatology, consumers have come to seek it out even in cosmetics. It is the go-to ingredient for plump and moisturized skin. Read More

Skincare in a World of  Uncertainty©

Published August 29, 2020

 As the trend grows towards minimally invasive procedures 2020 is shaping up to be the year of cosmeceuticals due to the rising preference for physician-dispensed products over non-prescription and OTC products and a flock of new launches from popular brands as well as new brands entering this expanding category. According to some market research the sales of physician-recommended cosmeceutical products is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. There is a clear preference for new entries that are focused on product differentiation to expand the market from natural cleansers and moisturizers to science-based formulations, targeted anti-agers, beauty supplements and drinks, probiotics, and advanced treatment products. Consumers are seeking products that outperform their expectations and fit the bill of innovative problem-solvers that are convenient to use at home. Read More

What's New in 2021 #Personal Care products

Posted on March 7, 2020, at 1:15 PM

 This is the usual time when licensed professionals asked me about new trends in skin care and minimally-invasive skin aging treatments, what should they look out for and what are set to be hot topics in the industry? It used to be location, location and location. Today is the technology that makes your practice easy and puts you upfront the competition. Learn new methodologies and techniques, stay relevant and invest in yourself. If you do not evolve with the current trends and times at some point you’ll be out of the loop. Make sure you deliver an exceptional experience not just a service with a price tag. Here is a brief summary of what will not only be hot property in the skin care marketplace for 2019, but what to look out for at some workshops this coming year. Read More

Chemical Peels, pushing the limits in chemical peeling for skin rejuvenation

posted May 3rd, 2019

Why I decide to write this blog? Why I think it will help not just the consumer but also medical and cosmetic practitioners who opt to #chemicalpeeling versus another resurfacing modality available in the market place. Chemical peels are my preferred method of #facialrejuvenation and corrective procedures such as removal of #acnescars #removeDarkSpots, pigmentation, seborrheic keratosis, chemical peels for hypertrophic scars or #keloids since 1979. The difference between then and nowadays is that my peeling technique is more perfecting, and the peeling solutions are much improved regarding composition, potency and carrier or delivery system.  Read More

Should quality synthetic ingredients matter more than natural ingredients?

Posted on March 7, 2019 at 1:15 PM

Just because a skin care product is advertised with beautiful plant or garden as a back fond does not mean a moisturizer or a facial serum is free of toxic material. In fact, natural ingredients can generate unexpected toxicity despite of the good intention of the producer. In many cases the whole plant extract may be anti-inflammatory but some of its components when isolated can cause allergic reaction. Read More

Cellulite and Body Contouring Treatments

Posted on May 29, 2016, at 8:45 AM

    Usually at this time of the year the topic for cellulite become more relevant. While normal fat can be reduced through exercise and diet, cellulite cannot. I have combined 35 plus years’ expertise with the latest technology to reduce cellulite for hundreds of women. Many factors contribute to the formation of cellulite and as a result we can identify different types of cellulite with specific physiology and appearance. Read More

Micellar Cleansers - Are they better than my regular face wash?

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 4:20 PM

   Recently I’m getting more emails and calls about the “new micellar” cleanser. My customers are using BIO-TEC USA micellar cleanser since April 2009 so the micellar water facial cleansers are not new in the market. The brief description on my store page explain the difference in the physical use of my micellar cleanser versus other similar products. Read More

Skin Rejuvenation with Probiotics

Posted on March 23, 2016 at 12:30 am

Each time I launch a new product I’m overwhelmed with questions such as: “Should I change my current serum and cream?” “What will this new facial do to my skin?”

Is the 24-hour rejuvenator better than the caviar and truffle cream?”, and so on... Read More