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Chemical Peels are my preferred method for treatment of brown spots, acne scars, sun damage, razer bumps, hyperpigmentation uneven skintone and for total skin rejuvenation with shortest recovery time and pocket-friendly compare to other modalities such as ED (energy devices Fraxel, lasers). My Osmotic Peel accelerate cell replication, triggering regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers by delivering the peeling agents in a patent alcohol-free carrier, including control healing of the epidermis resulting in improved skin texture. Successive and progressive SP also induce new collagen formation thereby further improving skin quality. The depth of the peel, superficial or medium depth depends on the skin type and desired effect. My peeling solutions are safe, alcohol-free, made for skin comfort with optimum therapeutic effect. I recommend synchronized fractional spot treatment with a full face peel pertaining to the skin type, resulting in even skin tone, clear complexion and improved texture. Optimum hydration is a must do in your daily regiment with Silk face Co-enzyme day cream, Vitamin C/Ca for extra protection and SPF. Know the difference between physical and chemical sun-block use.(Osmotic Peel SP is the new peeling solution for healthy skin. Most chemical solutions work by damaging the epidermis and do not penetrate to the dermis where aging actually occurs unless it is a medium depth peel. Osmotic Peel directly target damage cells due to control delivery of the peeling agents. This is the most functional cosmetic peel which in just one session smooths fine lines and wrinkles, brightens skin, improves skin texture, minimizes brown spots by 60% and restore more youthful complexion. Due to absence of alcohol in the formula we recommend it for all skin types counting acne and sensitive skin. In addition, to its value as a stand-alone peel it is effective in combination with other modalities and procedures.) "Chemical peels are simple, direct, rapid and non-mechanical route to improve skin quality. Whatever the chemical peel is lunchtime or a major one, a proper application is imperative without any possible contraindication. I have documented hundreds of before and after pictures available for viewing in the office."  - Tanya G. 


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