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Facial Serum DMAE 20% 30 ml 1 oz.​ Not Just Fighting but Impede Skin Inflammation

Pure and stable topical gel with very pleasant texture, fragrance-free. Powerful anti-inflammatory serum reduces puffiness and dark circles below eyes gradually. DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) acts as an antioxidant membrane stabilizer preventing breakdown of the cell plasma and protecting against free radical damage. Furthermore inhibits and reverses the cross-linking of proteins and removes lipofuscin from the skin. In higher concentration when combined with other actives it is impossible to sable the finish product. For that reason I suggest using in a single application followed with retinol before bedtime or with Vitamin C in the morning. With daily application in two weeks skin quality is visibly improved. For healthier and younger looking skin a must have anti aging serum. 

"After only a week of use, I noticed a huge difference in skin texture and tone. If there is an anti-aging miracle, that's it! I also alternate with optimum repair serum, absolutely the best hyaluronic serum. No hype, just results." - Cynthia Hope, VA

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