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Facial Kit for Radiance Complexion: High Performance 76 Facial Kit with 6 Products: Prevention & Skin Wellness Concept | Begin Your Skincare Routine with Our Best Selling Facial Kit | Complete Anti-Aging System: Revitalize and Restore Skin Hydration for more radiance complexion

  1. In this facial kit, we use selective and targeted active natural ingredients with optimum

  2. concentration for prevention and total skin rejuvenation.

  3. Potent anti-oxidants, functional peptides, and modulators protect the skin from sun

  4. damage and glaciation. High-performance 76 skincare products feature new technology

  5. with a highly competitive edge.

  6. The result is improved skin resilience, smooth texture and well-hydrated skin with

  7. a healthy glow.

  8. "I love High Performance 76 face cream. The more I use it, the more it gets into my skin

  9. and when I top it with Bio Tec USA Vitamin C my skin looks radiant and younger.

  10. "Victoria Chapman, FL, client since 1994.

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