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Skin Care products by BIOTEC USA in Washington DC since 1991

In August Try Our Clean Beauty On Demand Skincare and Summer Personalized Facials. Get 15% Off All Services


Are you looking for a facial tailored to your unique skin life? Do you want to meet with bespoke skin care specialist and get results you deserve? Then our Advanced Skincare Center near Georgetown Hospital is just for you. Your skin is unique and has its own DNA print. Why shouldn't you treat it accordingly? We provide tailored pampering and clinically validated services "just for you" with extra benefits of original skin care products to achieve best possible results, serving the greater Washington DC area since 1991. Skin rejuvenation is a multi-faceted process addressing many skin concerns and collagen stimulation as a critical part of skin regeneration.We combine different modalities to obtain optimum results and patient satisfaction. Chemical peels, bio-revitalization, fillers and Suture Face Lift/ thread lift are our preferred method of facial rejuvenation learn more 

What Summer Skin Craves? Try our Best HA bio-active Mask On Sale this Month-beautiful results.


Caviar Facial/ video

Radiance Facial 

Skin Renewal Facial


High Performance 76 Skin Wellness Concept/video

Back Facial with 20 minutes massage

Brazilian Wax and Depilatory Services