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Micellar Cleansers - Are they better than my regular face wash?

   Recently I’m getting more emails and calls about the “new micellar” cleanser. My customers have been using BIO-TEC USA micellar cleansers since April 2009, so the micellar water facial cleansers are not new in the market. The brief description on my store page explains the difference in the physical use of my micellar cleanser versus other related products.
   Any cosmetic product in the market is more than just an ingredient buzz. The core benefits - why are you buying the product and the functionality among many other features are important. For instance, I’m using an antibacterial foam dispenser to prevent bacteria contamination and to extend the shelf life and use of the cleanser. If you pour your micellar water cleanser over a cotton pad you will finish it in a month plus cotton pads do not cleanse the skin, they only remove makeup. Massaging the gentle micellar foam into the skin leaves the skin fresh, soft, and perfectly clean and 5 oz. bottle will last you 4 months, so use cotton pads only for eye makeup removing. Of course, they are better than your high alkaline soap base cleanser. Someone asked me which serum or cream from my store page will quickly fix her wrinkles. With current advances in cosmetic science and skin biology, we now know that wrinkles have two major causes: a mechanical cause due to unceasing contractions of the facial muscles and the biological cause altering the vital functions of the skin.
  A few innovative skin care products have been developed combining both effects countering the formation of mechanical wrinkles and the formation of biological wrinkles. Some products target the gene expression others contain regenerative protein to strengthen the dermal tissue and needless to mention the hype about plant stem cells creams with very mediocre effectiveness, organic facial creams with non-negligible toxicity and the list goes on. 
  My advice is simple, if you want to avoid botulin or hyaluronic acid injections, try medium dermal chemical peels or suture facelift for instant rejuvenation. EWR (expression wrinkle relaxer) serum and cream facial kit will give you superior results and exceptional value.

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