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                                                            Primetimes investigate claims about exotic spa treatments

   As a science director of my company, product formulator and licensed cosmetology specialist operator-esthetics, I was stunned reading the story. That is exactly what persuaded me to write this blog today.
   This is the story: Primetime decided to investigate claims about some of the more exotic treatments offered by spas. During a two-month investigation, Primetime staffers visited spas and beauty clinics in New York City, recording their visits with spa operators and their claims about the services entailed. Later reporters discussed the claims with medical experts and confronted the spa operators with what the medical experts said. Primetime first focused on upscale spas and some of their popular treatments. Among the most popular ingredients now are exotic foods.

   At the Brigitte Mansfield European Spa, the signature treatment was a facial using rare truffles, an expensive delicacy imported from France. The mushroom-like truffles were chopped and mixed with fragrant oils, then brushed on the face. The aesthetician who ended the treatment with a caviar cream, told them that the $140 treatment replenishes the skin with minerals and nutrients. "You can't absorb truffles through your skin," said a leading dermatologist, Debra Jaliman MD "If you ate them, you would get the nutrients of the truffle, but just putting them on the skin surface and washing them off is in my estimation a waste of truffles." David Leffel MD, a leading dermatologist, said the spa's claim that clients can absorb truffles' goodness through the skin is "pseudoscientific gibberish."

   All medical experts consulted by Primetime said it is impossible for humans to absorb nutrients through the skin, whether they are from truffle or caviar. They also disputed Mansfield's claim that the treatment puts oxygen into the skin. "If it were true, we would have to rewrite all the high school biology textbooks," responds Dr Leffel who is professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine. Primetime's experts said the only way for humans to take in oxygen is through the lungs and into the bloodstream — not through the skin. They disputed Mansfield's claim that the treatment puts oxygen into the skin.”
   My objective expert opinion: The facial protocol as described is fake and doctor’s opinion correct. Having said that if truffle extract is produced as a raw material and used in a specific carrier it will deliver nutrients into the skin. In reference to “fragrant oil” used in the treatment, if rose oil, jasmine oil or black orchids oil is used no need to chop any truffles. These oils are immensely powerful but very volatile at the same time. Many factors contribute to the efficacy of the finished product. I use best quality rose oil from Bulgaria in my practice with superb results.
   Regarding oxygen absorption into the skin, there is available technology that provides cell respiration or epidermal cell breathing at the mitochondrial level, fosters the production of ATP generating cellular energy and epidemic oxygenation. These products are available in the cosmetic marketplace.
   The story continues: They disputed Mansfield's claim that the treatment puts oxygen into the skin. The two experts were also skeptical about the Mansfield spa's Parafango (mixture of mud and paraffin) Detox, mud and paraffin mixture applied to the body. Mansfield claimed it can "loosen up" toxins so they can be flushed from the system by drinking water. Doctors said the only way to release toxins from the body is through the kidney or liver. "Your skin is not a detoxifying organ," said Leffel. The experts said it is also impossible to sweat out toxins through the skin.
   The story continues with “Mansfield said the spa uses mineral-rich mud from hot springs in Hungary. It has a much higher content of minerals and of silicon dioxide — and silicon dioxide is found in collagen." Primetime asked a laboratory to compare a sample of the Hungarian hot spring mud with some mud from a back yard in the Northeast United States. The lab found that the backyard mud had higher levels of the common minerals. And Dr Jaliman pointed out that the special ingredient is not so special: silicon dioxide is simply sand. Doctors said the spas often latched onto scientific-sounding buzz words and then used them incorrectly.  Doctors did not, however, find anything harmful in any of the spa treatments, and spa visitors can feel good regardless of the scientific efficacy of the products used.
   My objective expert opinion: Fango-Mud therapy is extremely popular in spas built by natural mineral waters springs for instance Velingrad in Bulgaria. I can mention at least 10 other countries and does work for muscle pain, arthritis, and many other indications. The real fango therapy is mud mixed with at least 104 F/ 40 C mineral waters and hosed directly on the body. Then the body is wrapped in plastic sheets for about 15-20 minutes and then shower. The power is in the spring's waters but just a mixture of mud with paraffin is ‘a feel good” treatment.
   And now let us talk caviar. There are 2 available products in the cosmetic marketplace. The seaweed serums in pearl technology and the real Russian Beluga caviar produced in special coating to preserve all the nutrients and then mixed with a carrier for topical application. The pearls are completely absorbed through the skin and the results are amazing. The more aged the skin is the better the results.
Why this works? Caviar is rich in amino acids that will be directly absorbed into the skin. This ensures regular rejuvenation of your skin to make you look younger and less tired. When looking under microscope the cell structure of caviar is remarkably like the structure of a human skin cell. Caviar is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. That is good cholesterol for your skin. These good fats form a layer of pure shine on your skin. So, can raw fish eggs work wonders for your skin? Yes, it can. Caviar is your skin's best friend for many reasons. Anti-aging is just one of them.
   There are various brands selling caviar or truffle skin creams, yet Bio Tec USA is the only producer worldwide of ultra-nourishing bio-cell cream that combines both caviar and truffle, made in a proprietary carrier that absorb right away. Just an example: How long must you rub La Mer moisturizing cream until it is absorbed? My products are for smart shoppers who make smart choices.
Conclusion: Primetime staffers did not do their preliminary research and homework. They are welcome to book an appointment for my caviar and truffle facial and then we can talk.

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