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Should quality synthetic ingredients matter more than natural ingredients?

  • Just because a skin care product is advertised with a beautiful plant or garden as a back fond does not mean a moisturizer or a facial serum is free of toxic material. In fact, natural ingredients can generate unexpected toxicity despite the good intention of the producer. In many cases the whole plant extract may be anti-inflammatory but some of its components when isolated can cause allergic reactions. 

  •   Many of the plant derived components, when removed from their natural environment, lose their stability rapidly. Pesticides, heavy metals, microbial burden, residual solvents, isolation (extraction methods), purification and many other factors can affect the quality of the plant extract. Stability and efficacy are the biggest challenges faced by the producer with natural skin care products. For instance, the finished product can be rich or poor in phytochemicals/ antioxidants and the photo-chemistry breakdown composition plus storage, delivery to the lab and final preservation can vary greatly. For example, you believe that oolong tea is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants but pouring hot water accelerates oxidation of Phyto-chemicals and solidified actives that can contribute to loss of efficacy. I understand that well-being is the increasing convergence of beauty and skin health and especially Instagram, a social media platform champions the natural and organic idea of wellness. Attractive and inspirational pictures of Millennial are posted adopting the natural beauty trend. Health and well-being have transformed consumer lifestyle and habits. It’s no longer about being skinny; it’s about being fit. Anti-aging is passé.

  • And now to answer your question skincare products made with quality bio-engineered ingredients and combined with naturals are more efficient and safe with better results than just natural products and organic beauty products is a whole new topic. My advice is eat organic and buy smart products. Most of my new customers are looking for some help with minimizing the number of products in their daily skincare routine and choosing the right product for their life style. Customization or a beauty by prescription from a trusted provider is a growing consumer demand for personalized skin care compliance. My advice is to get your products from a licensed professional.

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