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Skincare in a World of Uncertainty©
Published August 29, 2021
  With Covid-19 we experience an unprecedented change in lifestyle and daily habits. As we all know, stress can have a detrimental impact on the skin. In my practice I see more patients with skin redness, uneven yellowish skin tone and inflammation because of negative effects caused by psychological stress. When I formulate my products among many ideas in mind such as stability, performance, activity of the finished product, stress and anti-inflammatory properties are also my priority. Highly permeable, less than five hundred Dalton in molecular weight, very stable, safe, consistent, and highly effective cell-boosting actives targeting sluggish and mature dry skin with loss of elasticity and thickness that re-activate stressed skin and give instant hydration and nourishment. Facial serums - so quick and excellent for redness reduction, soothing, anti-photo aging, post sunburn/sun damage are all available in my store. Nowadays with very specialized encapsulation technologies and by applying oil bubble capsules, I can produce new innovative cosmetic products much differentiated in many aspects such as functionality, texture, shape, colors. No need for ED/ energy devices when using such high-quality permeable cosmetics. All these products are available in the marketplace and in my beauty store. As the trend grows towards minimally invasive procedures 2020 is shaping up to be the year of cosmeceuticals due to the rising preference for physician-dispensed products over non-prescription and OTC products and a flock of new launches from popular brands as well as unique brands entering this expanding category. According to some market research the sales of physician-recommended cosmetics are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. There is a clear preference for new entries that are focused on product differentiation to expand the market from natural cleansers and moisturizers to science-based formulations, targeted anti-agers, beauty supplements and drinks, probiotics, and advanced treatment products. Consumers are seeking products that outperform their expectations and fit the bill of innovative problem-solvers that are convenient to use at home.
  Among the crop of ingredients that are making a lot of noise, we are seeing more hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, botanicals, charcoal, and other naturals and organics. Patches, sheet mask products and home use devices are also on trend this year. Although facial skin care still reigns supreme, products that specifically target the lips, neck, body, décolleté, and hands are picking up steam among the professional skincare buyer as well. Therapeutic haircare is another rising star to watch, and topical products for intimate use are starting to show up at conferences worldwide. Products that will outsmart your skin and reprogram your DNA for total rejuvenation with minimal investment are in high demand for price-sensitive shoppers. Skin rollers, polymer patches, botanical bioreactors and high viscosity silicone films are some of the recent innovations in the market, skincare products that are optimally used in conjunction with in-office procedures with the purpose to enhance and stretch out the effects of injectables.
  Retinoids, especially retinol, continue to be number one selling SKU among physician dispensing products with new advances in targeted delivery, stabilization with minimizing and even complete elimination of skin irritation. Products that offer environmental protection are also rapidly increasing in popularity and are readily being employed in sun care along with sophisticated antioxidants for more broad protective benefits. The focus is for blocking particulate matter from penetrating into the skin and detoxifying harmful pollution-borne compounds while increasing cell defense. Sunscreens continue to evolve with new ingredients technologies to combat infrared (IR) induced damage to the skin, counteract reactive oxygen species while protecting the skin from degradation of collagen and elastin. Active compounds in special carriers previously available only for pharmaceutical formulations are now used in cosmetics to prevent skin damage "from within" focused on premature aging, deep wrinkles, pigmentation, post procedure healing and overall skin luminosity with improved skin texture.

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