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What's New in Beauty 2024?

   Consumers nowadays are well informed, educated and in high demand. When they are uncertain or indecisive about a skincare treatment or a product they hinge on social media or Google Search and in my practice, I see misunderstanding and misconception between beauty and beauty trends. I get multiple questions such as “Have you seen this new machine for #face tightening, it’s trending now?” or “I read in Vogue about #a new treatment for cellulite, it’s getting popular now.”
Beauty is a clinical or spa personalized experience, while trends evolve differently within each market, global and in USA, spread across different countries, cultural behaviors, and values. Japan is a leading country in terms of many skincare trends like masks, carbonated cleansers while in France organic and #natural creams and serums are trending. In #USA vegan soaps and vegan skin care, new offerings that cater to cellulite concerns or anti-cellulite product benefits, cleansing face rollers or all-in-one cleanser and #makeup remover may cross products and users. If you search for a deep pore cleanser a trend like carbonated cleanser will show in the top search even though these cleansers have been in the market for a long time. In U.S. acne is a top skin concerns among Generation Z and Millennials Gen Y associated with oily skin, flawless skin, blackheads, mud and charcoal, and clay masks while anti-aging is a top skin concern for baby boomers (age 56-74 now) and Gen X (people aged 40-55 now). Hydration sheet face masks or sensorial serums and micellar essential oils are popular. Each sense is triggered by the product experience and feeling. I noticed that pigmentation is a major skin concern for all skin types. People are confused by multiple choices of products online, medical treatments and prescriptions by doctors but their understanding of the couses and skin protection is not adequate. The proof is in the end-result, people want to see something happen. Tangible, visible results right away with value.
With the pandemic DIY facials at-home trend is notable and consumers find inspiration from food when researching ingredients related to skin concerns. Trendy ingredients such as apple cyder vinegar, turmeric, manuka honey and even caviar and gold in different variety of masks and exfoliants with these related ingredients are hot sellers. Consumers are also seeking support from devices to aid in their daily beauty routine. In U.S. top sellers are brushing and scrubbing devices while France and Japan are embracing little stimulating devices that massage the face and tweak the muscles.
I was overwhelmed with phone calls and emails after posting a short​ video on Facebook page about my caviar and truffle face mask.
In conclusion all the above-described products and little devices will not replace skillful and effective office skincare treatment. A good facial with lymphatic massage performed by a trained aesthetician is the best solution for maintaining healthy and youthful skin. 

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